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Very high fat meals causing nausea

Does anyone know why very high fat meals (whether very low carb or moderate carb) tend to cause nausea 2-3 hours after the meal?

It happens relatively often to me, and it's pretty consistent. With low or moderate fat it absolutely never happens (even when I eat a whole lot).

Also, it never happens immediately, always at the very least 2 hours after the meal and tends to last a pretty long time (1 hour, sometimes more).
There is no abdominal pain (no pain whatsoever in fact), just bearable but annoying nausea.

Has anyone experienced this or know why it happens?


hmm I would have suggested something to do with the gallbladder - as nausea is something that accompanies attacks but you said there was no pain.

I get heartburn when I eat too much fat - but I think I'm talking about amounts of fat that most people would have problems ingesting. I love fat, it's my favourite I can eat a lot of it without trying.

I'm interested as well. A lot of people report a feeling of nausea once they hit heavy ketosis but again that is something different. Dunno Good luck!

I don't know why either. But I have the nausea/indegestion thing if I eat too much fat. I'm trying to increase the fat slowly and that seems to be working.

I get this too, especially with the amount of calories I must eat to keep from loosing weight.
Viking Dan

What kind of fat is it? I find large amounts of vegetable fats to be disgusting. But lard and beef fat are no problem.

Kimmers experiment

Look up Kimmers experiment.
She states that Deep ketosis action results in nausea, hence appetite suppression. Page one of meat and egg support thread ALC general low carb forum.

Rules For The 3 Day Experiment! Read Thoroughly!

protein only ( lean for best results)
Skip unnecessary fats like cheese and cream
Skip alcohol (yes, all forms!)
Skip junk protein like pepperoni and pork rinds
Drink diet beverages and plain coffee & tea as desired
Use artificial sweetners as desired
No calorie counting
No cheating (it's 3 days!)
Eat a centrum type vitamin each day

It is advised that you also skip chicken wings if you are having a real slow
weight loss( that's my suggestion as well as some other people's suggestions
due to high sodium/high calorie content)

Eat to appetite. If your hungry, eat. If you're not hungry, don't eat. No need to
force yourself to eat when you're not hungry. Do not count the carbs in eggs,
diet beverages, plain coffee or tea. your carbs will pretty much be non-existent if
you stick to these rules. Within three days you should be in deep ketosis with a
much suppressed appetite(nausea). Remember, after two days, if you have lost 3 to 5 lbs,
then you were over on your carbs (per Kimmer) And you don't have to do 5
carb or less. Kimmer NEVER said that. She just said to keep your carbs as low
as possible, and as long as you are sticking to these rules, like I said before,
your carbs should pretty much be non-existent.

Just a you drink a lot of fluids when you eat? I know I do. And I wonder if it's diluting the digestive juices making it harder to digest the fat? So....I'm gonna try to not drink during meals today. See if that helps the nausea. Will let you know.

It's been a while since I studied the digestive system, but I don't think water would negatively affect fat digestion, only protein. I could be wrong though. I think if very high fat makes you feel ill just lower it a bit, if it's a goal to eat very high fat then gradually raise the level, as mentioned above.. but unless you want to keep your protein down for some reason I don't see the big deal in eating a little less fat.

I have had nausea resulting from eating cooked fatty meat. However, when I gorge on raw meat and raw fat all day long, I do not get even an inkling of these symptoms. I would be very interested to hear what happened if you tried eating only raw fatty beef for a day.

When I was first eating fatty meat, I had that problem... now I don't... but my body is getting better at giving me that stop eating, i'm satisfied feeling, and probably stop eating sooner than I did before, therefore I don't feel nauseous. How long have you been eating fatty meat?

I never get nauseous by just eating fatty meat, I do when I eat a whole LOT of fat from mayonnaise, oil, cream etc (although I've now stopped dairy). I tend to drink a lot (not unreasonable though), could be related. Last time it happenned I didn't eat any fat from cooked meat.

In fact it doesn't happen often so it's difficult to know what the triggers are. Today I ate 8 raw egg yolks plus mayonnaise plus olive oil for brunch, and I've had no problem. It could simply be related to eating too much when eating normal amounts of fat.

Cooking food could be related: I've noticed that I tend to eat significantly less when I eat raw food (eg raw fish), which is consistent with the fact that I read that cooking (especially proteinous) food partially breaks down protein, and generates addictive chemicals acting on the brain, similar to glutamate (the addictive amino acid of MSG) -- glutamate is also generated by protein breakdown (eg "hydrolyzed protein" on labels)

I had noticed this clearly when I was eating a lot of very cooked pork: I could easily eat 3 times as much of that cooked pork as uncooked ham, and sometimes I was still hungry.

Cooking is bad...

Hmm. Meg, that point just mentioned made me think of what you said about you feeling hungrier after you ate pork. Maybe its the addictive chemical portion of cooked pork making you want more?

You can increase your fat intake slowly and/or use swedish bitters or raw apple cider vinegar to increase bile production to help digest the fats while you get used to the higher amount of it.

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