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I must write about my experience
Red Meat and Cancer
Not Really
Earthlings Movie
[Poll ] Transgender, Carbs and Weight - A Poll
Split from "Going all-out and I need advice"
Don't Laugh at Mr.Potato Head
Shun Meat says the UN
Maximum Nutrient Partioning
Eat Real Food
Can potato solve the food crisis?
Calorie Restriction Carb vs protein
The Oatmeal Man
Bad, Good, Bad, Good :shock:
Finally losing weight...with carbs!?
Stonehenge Breakfast :)
Grains and veggies
Yay Nay B12!
What's on Your Naysayers & Contrarians Food List?
What the?
Potato Song :)
Any good things about carbohydrates?
Discussion Naysayer Style :)
Gall Bladder issues
The charcoal diet
Elderly European Diets Logevity
Vegetarian Body Building
"I Love You, but You Love Meat"
Metabolic Typing?
For The Love of Grains!!!
What do I say in response to this???
The Hundreth Monkey
Naysayer Time Magazine and Me
Just for fun
ANC is Satan
OK, someone explain the Paleo diet to me
New Cancer Report
How do you start this?
Cold Potatoes
Cool Calories, Hot Calories
Vegi is not the answer!
Opinions Please
I'm Sorry It's Me Again
Bread, Cabbage and Potatoes
High Protein = Glucose metabolism?
Raw Foods
Dave shuts down IF thread at his own blog
Poor Poor Animals
Dave's deleted IF just keeps going
Bear doesn't make this WOE look nice long-term..
Bread The Staff of Life
My Daughter Has a New Teacher
Diet vows to thin carbon footprint
Don't be say'n I never gave ya not'n!!!
Bread and jam
Meatarian Propaganda. What?
Shangri-la diet
The Benefits of Whole Grains!?!?! hahaha....
how bad is pasteurized dairy in foods like cream cheese...
what is the least damaging fruit..
anyone doing Optimal or super high fat? im talking >90%
The Bear's Posts: Don't Shoot Me!!!
Do you question what you eat; how is this going to affect me
is White Rice the Best carb to consume if you have to?
whats the deal with raw milk? why does it have carbs & s
What do you tell people?
Wasting energy
The Infamous...
Man's Other True Diet
High Fat Diet, Mine
Same Day different bat Channel
how can i be dehydrated? inconceivable?!
I can't stand it anymore!!
where is this ALC forums everyone is talking about?
instinctual eating...
easing into 0carb or maybe not (aka Steak Lovers' Diet)
Don't rely on theBear so much
What do you think of this?
About "fluffy"
So where's all the contrary folks?
I don't like the topic title!
New Forum Name
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