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Plant toxins and Antinutrients
Celiac / Gluten
FAILSAFE and Food Chemical Resource Thread
Lose Weight While You Sleep (and freeze)!
180 Degree Health Blog
Anthony Colpo on stored body fat even with Zero-carb
Protein restriction
Humans made fire 790,000 years ago
Don't sit; squatt!
What your food cravings mean
Zero Carb Diet study on pigs
Full Study of Stevansson on only meat-diet
Glucose / Fructose
The Compassionate Carnivore
Can Fruit Make You Fat
Cutting down on omega-6 is better than increasing omega-3
Vitamin C About to be Made Illegal in Canada!
Why Japanese people in Japan donít get that fat
Increasing the fat-to-carbohydrate ratio in a high-fat diet
Vegetarians age faster
Sucrose and Fructose Found to Promote Pancreatic Cancer
I guess I definitely have to give up coffee
Fat Facts
Paleo bodybuilding
vitamine theory
The Human Animal
Hunters, not farmers
Gary Taubes interview
Diary of a Carb Phobe
IF life
Modern Forager
freakin' distilled water
cocoa butter enhances insulin sensitivity
unsoved health problems
Paleo Diet Featured on Wikipedia
How many carbs do you need?
Interesting Food Combining Chart on Digestion
According to this article fat increases appetite?
Light Up Your Health
CBC documentary (Canada):My big fat diet
low carb, high fat, gluten and dairy free foodie
ABC News Processed Foods
Goat Milk in Human Nutrition
Eades updated blog post on IF
Obesity And Carbs Linked To Esophageal Cancer, Study Suggess
Argument for Intermittent Fasting
Long chain fats reduce calorie intake
Salt? Fat? Meat? Fruit? Vegetables? DNA?
Artificial sweetener linked to weight gain.
A Must for Meat Eaters
Histidine, histamine and methionine: animal protein
Great website...full of useful info
Poly vs Saturated fat ketogenic diet
Fructose rich fruits and uric acid
Do Big Breasts Up Diabetes Risk?
Fat and protein
IF and mental clarity
Lard: The new health food?
Becoming a Brain
A couple of VERY interesting articles...
"FatHead" very interesting...
TBK Fitness
Toxins Created by Cooking
The Miracle Diet Pill: Calcium?
Glucose Tolerance Tests
How things start...
Some good articles in this issue of Totalhealthbreakthroughs
Food Timeline
Know your fat's
sources of good food
Taubes radio interview
Johnny Bowden's newsletter
Interesting Findings on LC and Prostate CA
Glucose shortens life and more proof antioxidants suck
Have a look in this Forum...
Anybody else reading Good Calories Bad Calories?
Starchy diet 'may damage liver'
Ketogenic diets beat cancer
New Blog Devoted to Science of IF
Shopping is Gathering - brains of men and women
Another link to artificial sweeteners being a bad idea
I have a mole?
New Dr. Mike Eades post on IF and Inflammation
BMR 115% higher after 60 hour fast
Good News on IF & Inflammation
Free EBook: Stone Age Power
Vitamin C in the Inuit diet
1937 Animal VS vegetable Protein Study
Low GI diets better for weight loss - study
Maximum rate of fat loss 31 calories/day/lb. of fat mass
Link between Macular Degeneration and Carbs
The Role Of Fungus In Cancer
Booze good for weight loss?
Gluten Free
could be of interest...
HELP! Anybody got any ideas.
A full study on the insulin index of food
Alcoholic ketoacidosis
Low Carb and Leptin
Alcohol consumption and insulin levels
Ascorbic acid and insulin secretion
Health or Disease...
Around and around we go...
VLC Diets and Metabolism
The Shrinking Woman
Schizophrenia and grains
Top Ten Nutritional Myths
some risks in weight lifting
Fear of cholesterol
Unsaturated Vegetable Oils; lard; fish oil
Aerobic and anaerobic metabolism
Vegan couple starve baby to death, get life in prison
Eades Reviews "The Great Cholesterol Con"
Please share your Keto-adaption experiences
Where the hell did they get these figures from?
Lack of sleep increases insulin resistance.
Is This True?
Cooking Meats Properly
The Fat Resistance Diet
Hmmm ... so that's why The Bear...
Vegetable Love by Steven Shapin
Comprehensive list of carb-induced diseases and descriptions
New article from the Daily Mail on cholesterol!
Good read
The Hunting Apes: Meat and the Origins of Human Behavior
Stefansson's Bellevue Results!!!
Meat-eating genetics
Oh God: "High IQ = No Meat?"
Double diabetes
Weston Price N & PD entire book online!
Bone grease as a fat source
Time to make a difference - but how?
Aerobics aren't all they're cracked up to be
Study on Red Meat/Breast Cancer
A Paleolithic diet confers higher insulin sensitivity
Meat prevents scurvy - because of vitamin C!
Great site!
Masai autopsies
Nice little writeup on the Inuit(Eskimos)
Inuit Diet/New Food Show on BBC
Need research on paleolithic peoples lifespan
Reduced adiposity in bitter melon fed rats
Stable Isotope Bone analsyis
This article is just sad
Nifty thread on stomach acid (HCL) deficiency
Postprandial Thermogenesis Is Increased 100% on High-Protein
Ron Rosedale as reliable source
Green vegetables really do taste horrible
Intermittent Fasting Studies
Do essential fatty acids exists or not?
intermittent fasting
Very LC Diets
a good summary on cholesterol and low carb
heart diease
"Best of the Omnivore" e-book
Very Low Carb Diet Research Article
article on fiber and mucus
You search woman for friend?
Low Testosterone
glyconeogenesis - can anyone tell me more?
Where does this come from?
Microbes and obesity
the high cholesterol of Stefansson's partner
Nice link from Art DeVany
no need for carbs
Vegetables, etc.-Who Defines Food?
A Program about the "power of 10"
Why Kids Don't Eat Their Greens
Blog on Plant Poisons
Grass Fed Beef - Health Benefits
A good post by Mark Sisson at Art Devany
Tom Venuto's Views on the Eskimo Diet
Eat Fat And Grow Slim
Round Table Discussion of Keto/Low Carb Diets
"Strong Medicine" by Blake F. Donaldson, MD
We Need More on Ketosis
Beef Website...good recipes and info Dummy Spit unwittingly prove why VLC diets work
Livin' La Vida LowCarb: Dr. Richard Feinman Interview
The Stone Age Diet
Plant toxins
Bear on VH1
Living on a vegetable-free diet
A Study That Gives Evidence of Acculturation...
A new hole for the Hampton Diet-LaVida LowCarb
Readability Test for the Zero Carp Path via Livin'LaVida
Zero Carb Diet treats diabetes
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